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Susquehanna Valley Association of Pennsylvania Occupational Health Nurses

SVAPOHN Grant Application for 2019

Posted about 2 months ago by Kathryn Emanski

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Two of the mission statements for the SVAPOHN are to
  • Promote and/or provide for continuing education in occupational and environmental health nursing.
  • Provide opportunities to develop association leadership skills.
To provide these opportunities for our members, grants have been made available to help defray the cost of attending events which lead to achieving these mission components.
If you meet the eligibility requirements, please take the opportunity to apply for these grants by completing the attached application form and the additional required components.
The board has made a few changes which includes increasing the dollar amount awarded for each event and decreasing the written statement to 150 words.
Further details and instructions are on the form. 
If you are awarded a grant and are unable to attend the specific event, a request can be made to the Board to attend a different event in the same calendar year. The award amount must be less than or equal to the original award.
Submit your entry by mail or email no later than December 1, 2018 to:
     Joyce Casey-Petronchak, Awards Chariperson
Hope to hear from you soon.