Susquehanna Valley Association of Pennsylvania Occupational Health Nurses

Nominations for 2017 Annual Ballot - Due by September 1, 2017

Posted about 1 month ago by Kathryn Emanski

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Each year, the Nominating Committee canvasses all members who would be interested in participating in their professional organization.  This participation does not involve a lot of extra time and exposes you to the workings of your organization while giving you an opportunity to interact with your peers and help develop and carry out our mission.


You also get an opportunity to participate in and develop the programs which are presented to our membership.  You will have the full support of the members of the board if you do decide to participate as a board or committee member and be assigned a mentor.


For the 2017 ballot the following positions are available:




Nominating Committee Member  


The incumbents who wish to run again for the same office for a second term must also fill out the attached form and submit to one of the nominating committee!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Nominating Committee members (listed below).

Grace Stropp            

Jeannie Youngman

Ann Marie Loiseau 

All members wishing to appear on This year’s ballot please complete the Candidate Profile Form.

Forms need to be returned to Grace Stropp at by September 1st of this year

Thank you for considering running for one of these important offices.